Hi, I'm Zakariya Sattar

I am a high school student passionate about my work,
designing and developing programming applications, and playing tennis.
Let's start learning about me and my work.

About Me

I currently attend Niles West High School as a Sophomore in Skokie, IL. One of the many things I am passionate about is writing and producing code. I love to code because it allows me to think outside of the box, leading to satisfying end-products. I also really enjoy playing tennis for Niles West. We have an excellent Tennis team and it is an honor to compete at the high school level. During my freetime, I like to volunteer at FreeGeek Chicago and various other organizations. I hope you enjoyed meeting me - I look forward to connecting with you!


Salihah Central

Salihah Central is a women's learning community, where women connect, learn and thrive. Special events and gatherings gives an outlet for spiritual bonding and lifelong friendships.
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My Portfolio

My portfolio reflects my creative side. It shows what a resume cannot.
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Happy Worker

This is a simple program built with electronjs designed to get the 5 highest paying job at any given company.
This Github and website is a work in progress

My Skills










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