Zakariya Sattar

Who is This Guy?

I grew up in Chicago attending public schools almost all my life. I am extremely passionate about my city, computer programming/engineering, and playing tennis. Ever since I was a boy I was fascinated by technology, not necesarrily software but just technology in general. It was during this time in my childhood when I started wondering about how things, specifically technology-related worked. Questions like when does a street lamp turn on? or what determines when a streetlight turns from red to green? were starting to coming to my mind. Fast forward to now, I am 15 a sophomore at Niles West High School and when I think about those type of questions there is a more developed approach to the solution. This development comes from my exposure to readily-available information on any topic I could think of. This is when my interest and passion for computers started exploding. In 8th grade I was dead-set on the hardware aspect of computers, interested and involved beyond my own belief. This is when I realized I wanted to do something with computers career-wise so I started putting all of my effort into securing a future in this field. Originally interested in a career in computer engineering I started trying to do things that would improve my resume. I started volunteering at places like FreeGeek Chicago. A place where they take recycling computer parts very seriously and are seriously passionate the linux operationg system. If a donated computer still works, they will securely wipe the hard drive, install linux on it then resell for a much cheaper price in an area of Chicago where it really makes a difference. At the start of high school, it was clear that I wanted to go into software engineering instead of computer engineering so I took the AP Computer Science A course to further prove my passion for computers and programming them. With this course, I had the resources ( a great teacher ) to expand my knowledge in the field and really get a jump on the competition. This was just a little more about me and I hope you are interested in talking.